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This book was first planned to be an

introduction to dowsing,

The art of searching for water and

lost objects, but it soon developed

into a guide to many mysterious and

ancient places around the world but

particularly around my home county

of Derbyshire.

We look at just a few of the old

beliefs that linger on and a few of the

places where mysterious energies

still hold power.

We wonder at what the ancients may have been thinking and try to makes sense of this through the use of pendulums and dowsing rods.

Some of the subjects covered in this book include Leylines at sites such as Stonehenge, Avebury, arbor low and Saint Michaels Mount. We look at how our auras and chakras can be dowsed. This book will guide a dowsing novice through divining for water, archeological dowsing and to searching out earth energies.

Learn to Dowse

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Learn to Dowse

A voyage into your sixth sense

By Jack Golds

If you are a complete beginners to dowsing or an experienced dowser looking into the more esoteric aspects this delightful little book has something for you.

40 photos and illustrations many original and in full colour