The HeartMath Solution,

by Doc Childre and Howard Martin

The definitive book about HeartMath for personal development and well-being. Contains leading-edge science, practical information and easy-to-use techniques to increase the intuitive, creative, heart-centered aspects of your personality and bring more heart intelligence into your life. Cutting-edge science is combined with the warmth and humor of anecdotal stories and examples to make this book a joy to read and a clear roadmap to actualize your full potential.

A celebration of the intelligence of the heart and a practical guide to living it. Gary Zukav, Seat of the Soul

This book could save you years of therapy. Deepak Chopra, MD

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Real-life tools for making a difference

Reviewer: A customer from Accra, Ghana

I first bought this book years ago and have read and reread it. My copy is falling apart! I especially use Heart Lock-Ins but would like to perfect Freeze-Frame, and plan to buy the emWave device. This book is a wonderful introduction to HeartMath's solid research and establishes its techniques as sound and effective stress relievers. You can access them any time you need them. The book is up-front in my personal library, and it needs to be in yours.

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Chopra was right!

Reviewer: A customer from Washington, DC

Deepak Chopra said that this book could save you years of therapy and he was correct. The concepts are easy to understand and apply, yet powerful enough to make a real difference in short periods of time.

Go ahead and give yourself a short cut to stress prevention. You earned it!

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The HeartMath Solution




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