The HeartMath Solution, by Doc Childre and Howard Martin.  The definitive book about HeartMath for personal development and well-being.

The HeartMath Solution

The HeartMath Meditation Assistant by Debora Rozman Phd. provides you with a comprehensive understanding of how to use the HeartMath heart coherence techniques and the emWave or the Inner Balance technology to enhance your spiritual/self-help practices.

Heartmath meditation assistant

Written by Doc Childre and Debora Rozman Phdthe  of the renowned HeartMath Institute, this book offers scientifically-proven techniques that alter the body's physical response to stress, and shows readers how to attain a peaceful, positive state of being.

Transforming Stress

Transforming Depression: The HeartMath Solution to Feeling Overwhelmed, Sad, and Stressed

Transforming Depression

Transforming Anger

If you are dealing with anger you can’t quite seem to manage, this book can give you hope, as well as practical tools to successfully handle this emotion.

Transforming Anger

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